The White Hat Way

Ranchers and cowboys of the plains have traditionally been associated with integrity and strong moral character. With cowboys, the ones in white hats are viewed as being the same ones who will offer a helping hand without hesitation. Plus, white hats were worn by the “good guys” in Hollywood’s version of the Wild West. The sheriffs and marshals of those often-lawless lands were bound by a higher code of ethics. Their moral code was internal – in the fiber of their being with the understanding of what was right.


Jim Rhoads, podcaster, coach, advisor & creator of the “White Hat Way,” grew up on a farm and ranch on the high plains of Oklahoma. He witnessed honest and hard-working folks exhibiting those qualities, even when they believed no one was watching. Jim came to understand the honor of a person’s word and handshake. Jim and his wife Michelle, partners at White Hat Way,Inc., are working to showcase ethical treatment of customers in their industry of automotive self-financing or Buy Here Pay Here.


While not featured on the big screen in the way they once were, Jim & Michelle Rhoads can clearly see from their travels that the good guys are still out there in the auto finance industry. As dealers, they are conducting business in communities across the country. Though not riding in on white horses, dealers are serving customers according to a code of ethics and doing what is right. As such, White Hat Way, Inc. is pleased to spotlight their commitment to customers by recognizing them as part of the White Hat Dealer Network. 


For the BHPH Institute:

Explanation of “White Hat” emblem: In short, where you see the white hat emblem in the Institute, the session includes elements of the “good guy” approach to Buy Here Pay Here. All courses available in the BHPH Institute are built on a foundation of ethics and treating customers right. Our experience suggests that dealers who treat customers with fairness, consistency, and respect enjoy the most referrals and repeat business.